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USTA Leagues

Loveland Tennis Association offers USTA Leagues for all its members.  

Loveland Tennis Association is going to do a "Trial" year for its 2022 league registrations:

Instead of captains having to collect the total of player's fees and court fees, Captains will only have to collect the court fees from their players.


1.)  Please inform your players that they have to renew their LTA membership.  If players are not renewed, they       

      CANNOT play.  This is the most difficult part of the process.  Captains please be sure to confirm you teammates LTA        memberships are renewed before giving them the team number to register.

2.)  Captains can email Val Hecker ( your rosters.  She will give your captain a team number         and your teammates can add themselves to the USTA team, ONLY IF they have renewed their LTA DUES.  Each                 player will then pay their own player fee as they register for the league team.  If their USTA memberships are due,         they can renew on the USTA website themselves as well.

3.)  Captains can then still mail a check or Venmo their court fees to the Loveland Tennis Association Venmo account.           The LTA Venmo account is @Greg-Hecker-2-LTA.  Please be sure to include a brief  description with your name     

       and purpose of payment (ex: adult 18+ league court fees, etc.) and a phone number in case we need to contact you         regarding said payment.  

Below is still the old way if you prefer to do it that way.  As well, in the blue link below is the 2022 USTA League Registration Form with the updated court fees.

The old way to sign up a team is:

  1. Create your team

  2. Verify that all the players have paid their 2022 USTA dues for the entire year

  3. Verify that all the players have paid their 2022 LTA dues for the entire year

  4. Fill out 2022 USTA League Registration Form

  5. Calculate the league fee by multiplying the player fee by the number of players and then adding the court fee 

  6. Send the Registration Form with list of players with their USTA numbers by email to

  7. Write a check and mail w/copy of registration form to: LTA LEAGUE2228 Half Hitch Ct., Loveland, CO 80538

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